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Short but actually pretty well thrown together. Good job!

A remarkable finale to a series that has been ongoing for so many years. The final battle a little cliche at times but good beats for all the main characters self-actualizing. The visual for Skylar were incredible and the battle/action scenes were a little confusing at times but overall had great energy and pacing giving a lot of weight to everything that has happened.

The ending song could probably use some work, it sounds a little off key but it's a good effort and I think in the future songs will flow more easily. Good post-credits scene as well setting up for potential continuation of the series.

One technical issue is some of the lines are too quiet and are a bit difficult to hear. This is a common issue in a lot of previous episodes that involve certain actors. You could greatly improve your audio by giving those samples a boost, compression and normalisation so all voice samples are audible to a similar level.

I'm considering doing a full review of the series, maybe I will maybe I won't. See what happens. Either way keep up the good work Pallid, you've been doing this for many years and you've improved as a creator immensely.

This is so legit. Well done!

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-Big Map
(Feels like Metroid)

-Decent Textures

-Decent Music
(A bit loopy, needs more progression. Boss Theme is good)

-Not So Good-

-Collision seems very wonky (At least to me)
(After making a jump I'd often fall backward into a pit as if the player hit box was a circle) (Wall Jumps act weird if you hold the direction button/jump button) (Cannot jump next to a wall sometimes and jump sometimes stops abruptly for no reason)

-Poor Progression
(I got to the Boss room and had to go all the way back to the top to get the dagger/sword, Create an obstacle that cannot be passed without each power-up to prevent the player from getting too far ahead without essentials (This would be different if you could stomp the boss enemy). E.g. A breakable wall that can only be damaged with the dagger/sword thing perhaps in the room with the 3 doors and Save Point)

-Load times
(I'm not sure what is causing the load times of each room, It took 19+ seconds later in the game. Very strange.)

-Can't stomp enemies?
(Unusual design choice when most enemies are frogs or bats)

Very ok game.

gamesbynoe responds:

Loading time up to +19 seconds. Hmm... sounds realy strange. I try to find a problem and fix other glitches. Thank you for your tips.

Not bad, but the motion blur kills the experience. I also prefer the arrows and shift setting used in other bullet hell shooters.

Pretty good bullet hell shooter for a flash game, however the mouse controls are not working too well when you're close to the edge of the screen the cursor is no longer detected by flash so its not too practical. Perhaps make the screen wider and a bit taller?

Because you need to keep an eye on your character at every frame, perhaps when the weapon is fully charged it could make a noise. Its common I looked back at the bar and take a hit at the exact same moment.

The music is a bit loopy but overall well made.

The difficulty is about right, still insane like Mushihesama and Touhou but still accessable to casual players with upgrades, multiple hits and infinite retries.

I think it would've been more appropriate the default framerate to be 60 fps?

There is alot of content in this game, good work overall! 3.5/5

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Very nice!

Oi love et¬!

Bang bang I choose you!

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Not enough Soup.

Creative endeavours. Burn with a passion.

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